The following is a list of some of our annual scholarships awarded to students in the Cypress College Art Department. Scholarship awards can vary from year to year. Students must submit an application and portfolio in order to be considered for one of the scholarships. The scholarship awards are decided by the full time faculty and staff of the department and are presented at the Annual Student Art Exhibition at the end of the spring semester. 


Robert Bryant Preston Memorial Scholarship

This individual award , the Robert Bryant Preston Memorial Scholarship is made possible by Manya Preston, a former employee of Cypress College, who created the scholarship in memory of her son.


Michael Jacobs Scholarship

This individual award is given by Mike Jacobs, former Cypress College Dean of Science & Math, and Fine Arts.


Art Department Faculty Award

This individual award is made possible by the financial donations from the professors and staff of the Art Department at Cypress College.


Peter Albrink “Hummingbird” Award 

This individual award is given in memory of Peter Varick Albrink, who passed away in 2003. Theis award alternates between the Photography department and the Art department.


Patrons of the Arts

The Patrons awards, which are juried by our College President, Dr. JoAnna Schilling, are awarded to 4 students, for demonstrated excellence in work from at the Annual Student Art Exhibition.   The Patrons of the Arts is an on-campus organization that promotes all endeavors of the Fine Arts division, including fundraising for individual student scholarships and division-wide activities.


Cypress Art League Scholarship

The Cypress Art League is a non-profit organization located here in Cypress, California. It was incorporated in 1969 to promote understanding and enjoyment of the arts among the citizens of the communities represented. Members include artists of in all mediums and patrons of the arts. The Cypress Art Leaguey generously provides funding for several individual awards every each year.


Freddie Czerniel Scholarship

This award is given to several individuals in the memory of alumnus of the Fine Art Division, Ms. Freddie Czerniel. Freddie enrolled at Cypress Collegein 1976,, after her children were grown in 1976. She earned her AA degree with honors. Freddie’s great love for the Fine Arts department lead her to create this scholarship in 2004.

Several individual scholarships are awarded annually, one for a transfer student, one general ART/MAD specific award, and one for each of the following areas: Art, MAD, Dance, Journalism, Music, Photography, and Theater.