Cypress College Art Department

The Cypress College Art Department Provides a Pathway for Students to Grow Their Creative Capacities and Develop Critical Faculties

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Maintain a High Quality Education and a Clear Pathway to Four-year Institutions, Associate of Art Degrees & Certificates




Celebrate Art-making as a Process, a Way of Thinking and Communicating, and an Agent for Change




Foster Critical Analysis and Writing



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Encourage Opportunities for Employment, Lifelong Learning, and Personal Enrichment




Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

The Cypress College Art Department encourages  collaboration, empathy, and innovation to prepare our students for tomorrow's challenges. We believe in making a lasting impact on our students future.

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Spotlight Story

AJ Dungo, Cypress College Art Department Alumnus, Illustrates for the NY Times

After finishing his coursework in the Art Department at Cypress College, AJ went on to receive a Bachelor's Degree in Illustration at ArtCenter College of Design. AJ is an active exhibiting artist and working full-time designer at Sketchers and does free-lance illustration for a variety of clients, including The New York Times.