Cypress College Art Gallery

Artworks from Beyond the Pale by, from the top:

Veronique d’Entremont

Jennifer Moon

Louis Pesce

Johanna Breiding & Shoghig Halajian

Helen Lessick

Olivia Chumacero & Sarita Dougherty

Beyond the Pale                    

Thursday, March 7 – Thursday, April 11, 2019

Opening Reception: Thursday, March 7, 6-8pm

Reception sponsored by Tacos El Unico

Curator’s Essay: BEYOND THE PALE

To go beyond the pale is to move outside the acceptable, the safe, and the known. Curated by Janet Owen Driggs, Beyond the Pale presents work by artists who step outside the bounds of Western scientific thinking in their efforts to know and interpret the world, including:

Johanna BREIDING & Shoghig HALAJIAN, Olivia CHUMACERO & Sarita DOUGHTERTY, Veronique d’ENTREMONT, Helen LESSICK, Jennifer MOON, and Louis PESCE.

Although the exhibition does include a near-magical broom, its title has nothing to do with buckets. Instead our “pale” refers to the “paling” fence posts that would once have enclosed a village or a fort, but which are now more commonly used to “impale” Hollywood vampires. MORE

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Nadia Wallace, Adminstrative Assistant


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